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ExacTrac Dynamic

Revolutionary motion monitoring

ExacTrac Dynamic® is a revolutionary real-time motion monitoring system. It gives radiation oncologists affiliated with BCH’s cancer program the ability to monitor your body’s subtle movements during radiation therapy such as when you breathe. The physicians can then make small adjustments on the fly to deliver radiation with extraordinary accuracy and keep radiation exposure to healthy cells at a minimum.

How ExacTrac Dynamic® works

A body’s subtle movements can happen quickly, and it is important for radiation oncologists to account for this motion to avoid the potential for missing the cancer and over-treating normal tissue.

Traditionally, radiation therapy for cancer treatment uses a combination of external markers (such as markers on the skin) and imaging scans to make sure radiation is delivered to the correct place.

Unlike traditional technology, the ExacTrac Dynamic system integrates high-resolution thermal-surface camera technology and real-time X-ray tracking. This allows radiation oncologists to obtain views of both the inside and outside of a patient’s body. They can see a patient’s shape, temperature, movement and anatomy in real-time. Having this multifaceted view ensures radiation therapy is staying on target throughout the course of treatment.

For more information, call Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers' radiation department at 303-385-2068 or 303-385-2029.

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