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Chemotherapy is a life-saving but aggressive treatment that can be a difficult stage in the personal journey of cancer patients and their families. The affiliated physicians with our cancer program take medical oncology—the treatment of cancer with medicines, including chemotherapy—to a higher level of expertise, compassion and comfort.

Chemotherapy is given to a patient in order to shrink tumors, slow the growth of cancer, prevent cancer from growing again and control cancer symptoms.

It is most commonly given to patients via the following:

  • Pill
  • IV
  • Injection
  • Intra-arterially

The highly experienced medical oncologists affiliated with our cancer program use the latest drug regimens and work to help you manage any side effects that result from chemotherapy.

The spacious chemotherapy suite within the Tebo Family Medical Building provides treatment in a calm and relaxing setting, overlooking the peaceful beauty of the Arapahoe Glacier basin. The suite includes comfortable treatment bays that include reclining chairs, internet access and other amenities.

To schedule a medical oncology consultation, please contact:
Rocky Mountain Cancer Center

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