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Hospital Transformation Program

What is the Hospital Transformation Program?

The Hospital Transformation Program (HTP) is a new initiative that aims to improve the quality of hospital care provided to individuals enrolled in Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program).

The HTP asks hospitals to:

  • Improve patient outcomes and experiences through enhanced care coordination
  • Identify vulnerable patient populations and implement initiatives to improve the health of those patients
  • Engage with community organizations to address the unique health needs of their core patient populations
  • Lower Medicaid costs by reducing avoidable hospital care

Administered by the Colorado Healthcare Affordability and Sustainability Enterprise (CHASE), a government-owned business within the state’s Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF), the program will tie a hospital’s Medicaid supplemental payments to its ability to meet certain patient-care quality targets, improve the health of priority patient populations, create meaningful community engagement and reduce costs.

Click here to learn more about the HTP.

BCH’s Goals for the HTP

Boulder Community Health is a non-profit, independent community health network that has served the people of the Boulder area for nearly 100 years. We’re fully committed to providing high-quality, high-value care to everyone in our community.

Guided by a vision to foster community partnerships to create and care for the healthiest community in the nation, BCH will meet the HTP goal of improving patient outcomes and experiences while reducing costs in the following ways:

  • Improve care coordination of behavioral health patients through enhanced internal processes and communications
  • Collaborate with community partners to improve care coordination—from the inpatient to discharge setting—through enhanced discharge planning and referrals to community resources
  • Identify social determinants of health to better meet patients’ behavioral and medical needs
  • Improve access to specialty care for high-risk chronic disease patients in order to reduce hospital readmissions
  • Continue treating opioid dependence in our emergency department, primary care and inpatient settings, providing an opportunity to break the cycle of costly addiction
  • Create a robust data reporting system to identify and address the specific needs of our Medicaid population

Please see the HTP intervention documents below and provide any feedback in the comment box.

Community Feedback

If you would like to provide feedback on BCH's hospital transformation program, please use the form below. You may submit your name and email if you would like a response but it is not required.

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