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Prevention & Intervention for Life-Long Alternatives and Recovery

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The BCH PILLAR Program (formerly Opioid & Chronic Pain Response Program) provides free assistance to Boulder County residents with health care matters relating to chronic pain and/or opioid and other substance use disorders. The program provides short-term case management services and referrals to community agencies for those seeking treatment in an outpatient setting or through higher levels of care.

If you’d like to learn more about PILLAR Programming, please send us an email: General Inquiries: Amanda Wroblewski, Program Coordinator, Appointment/Referral Information: Taylor Bister, LSW, PILLAR Patient Navigator,

What does the PILLAR Program do?

The PILLAR Program was established to assist with addressing the opioid epidemic by supporting the management of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and chronic pain with alternatives to pain management. The program also assists with navigation to treatments for other Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) and intervention to support the brain/body connection. We are supported by multiple funding sources from the City of Boulder – both the Health Equity Fund and Substance Education & Awareness Fund and the BCH Foundation. We are part of the BCH system and are housed in the Center for Mind Body Medicine at the Della Cava Family Medical Pavilion.

This program has many goals. One of which is to provide education to the Boulder community around the use/abuse of opioids and other substances, as well as chronic pain management. We act as a resource hub for substance abuse, mental health and medical support while also functioning as the bridge between provider, patient and referring agency.

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PILLAR Program Initiatives

  • Alternative Treatment to Opioids (ALTO): The PILLAR Program provides education about the health risks of opioid drug use and non-opioid treatment alternatives such as reiki, massage, and acupuncture. These services are provided by BCH at the Center for Mind Body Medicine, as well as community practitioners.
  • Center for Mind Body Medicine: The center treats patients suffering from debilitating pain problems that haven’t responded to traditional medical therapies. Dr. Fanestil uses a holistic approach to “rewire” the brain’s pain center, to treat the mind and body as one unit.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): The PILLAR Program also serves as a referral networking system and has partnered with both BCH and neighboring MAT programs to enhance access to addiction treatment. MAT programs offer Buprenorphine, Methadone, or Vivitrol to treat opioid use disorder.
  • Community Education and SEA initiatives
  • Supporting ongoing BCH efforts to address the opioid epidemic (resources Xwaivered docs and ED Narcan)
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Who is Eligible for the PILLAR Program?

Services provided by the PILLAR Program are free of charge and financial assistance can be provided to those who are uninsured, underinsured and undocumented. Scholarships may be able to help pay for medical copays, gaps in insurance coverage, office visits, alternatives to pain management, certain medications, specific transportation needs.

This program is not intended for those who are:

  • Seeking a new provider to continue prescribing pain medication
  • In crisis or who are actively suicidal/homicidal (please call a crisis service if you're experiencing either of these):
    • Mental Health Partners: 24/7 crisis walk-in services at 3180 Airport Rd., Boulder CO
    • Statewide crisis line: 844-493-TALK (8255) or Text “talk” to 38255

Anyone who wishes to learn more about the programming we offer and if they are eligible can do so free of charge. One of our goals is to support care for all so that care can be available to all wanting help. When you come to the PILLAR Program, you are in a safe space where you are able to sit across from understanding professionals who want to discuss your goals of care and treatment while helping you reach those goals.

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Community Education Lectures & Events

The PILLAR Program facilitates monthly educational events focused on all things pertaining to addiction, recovery, mental health and chronic pain. Please visit our community events calendar and select the "substance abuse" category for future lectures.

View past lectures:

Ask an Expert: Why is Nature Important for Recovery? from 8/17/23

Ask an Expert: How is Addiction a Family Disease? from 6/29/23

Ask An Expert: What is Prevention for HIV? lecture from 12/7/22

Ask An Expert: How are wound & vein care prevention and public health?

Ask An Expert: What is the Trager Approach and why is it a good prevention tool? lecture from 6/23/22

Ask an Expert: Why Do Pronouns Matter? - 5/19/22

Ask an Expert: What is Harm Reduction? - 4/28/22

'Rooting for Resilience' - 10/14/21

'Co-Response and Restorative Justice' - 9/30/21

'Exploring Different Levels of Addiction Treatment' - 7/22/21

'Undoing the Damage of Childhood Trauma Revisited' - 6/17/21

'How and Why We Use MAT' - 5/20/21

'Nature and Recovery' - 4/15/21

‘Undoing the Damage of Childhood Trauma,’ with Dr. Joe Yeretsian

Virtual Recovery Stories

The BCH PILLAR Program has created Virtual Recovery Stories, a monthly online support session featuring personal stories of recovery that inspire hope, provide proof that recovery is possible, and showcase how sobriety can allow people to thrive each day.

Virtual Recovery Stories is currently on hiatus. Please check back soon.

Click here to view past Virtual Recovery Stories.

Additional Resources & Education

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