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Obstetrician Care

Trusted, Compassionate Care Throughout Your Pregnancy

Whether you are giving birth for the first time, are having a complicated pregnancy or have done this all before, our welcoming and experienced obstetricians-gynecologists, or OB-GYNs, and certified nurse-midwives work together to provide comprehensive obstetrics care for routine and complicated pregnancies.

Our Clinic: Boulder Women’s Care

Our Boulder Women’s Care OB-GYNs are physicians who’ve spent four years after medical school in a residency program becoming experts in every stage of pregnancy and childbirth. They, along with nurse practitioners, will guide your care and help you and your baby stay healthy with comprehensive obstetric services:

  • Fertility evaluations and family planning
  • Prenatal care for routine and complicated pregnancy
  • Prenatal testing
  • Postpartum (after birth) care
  • Reproductive health services

Boulder Women's Care team

Left to right: Suzanne Dysart, DO; Diane Utz, MSN, CNM; Melissa Kushlak, DO; Stephanie R. Traver, RN, WHNP-BC; Jeremiah McNamara, MD; Samantha Steppat, MSN, WHNP-BC; Lisa Jamroz, MD; Brenda Price MD; and Nancy Engellenner, NP (as needed)

Boulder Medical Center in Boulder

Boulder Medical Center in Boulder’s obstetricians focus on personalization and education. They believe that’s the key to an individualized birthing experience, taking time to know what an expectant mother does and doesn’t want. They offer comprehensive obstetric services with deliveries at the Family Birth Center at Foothills Hospital.

Boulder Medical Center in Boulder's team

Left to right: Heather Bright-Hoffmeyer, MD; Kathryn Hoch, MD; Neal Trulock, MD

A Great Birth Experience

Our obstetricians strive for a wonderful, family-centered experience during this extraordinary life event. All of their moms-to-be deliver at the Family Birth Center at Foothills Hospital — an ideal environment for your baby’s birth. Spacious rooms offer inspiring mountain views, queen-size beds and oversized hydrotherapy tubs. To promote calm during labor, the Family Birth Center offers stress-relieving holistic therapies.

Take a Virtual Tour: Peek inside our Family Birth Center. Every element is designed to make bringing your new baby into the world as special as possible.

Personalized Birth Plans

BCH’s obstetricians can help you create a personalized birth plan for labor and delivery, detailing your preferences for such things as pain relief, delivery methods, infant feeding and newborn care. If you wish, they will support you without intervention when labor is progressing normally. That’s why our Family Birth Center consistently has low primary C-section rates and high VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section) success rates compared to averages among Colorado hospitals.

See our Birth Plan Guide. A birth plan is a valuable tool for communicating your desires for your labor, delivery and post-partum time with your care team.

Schedule an Appointment

Boulder Women's Care sees patients at offices located within Foothills Medical Building in Boulder and in Erie at the Erie Medical Center. To schedule an appointment, call 303-441-0587. Boulder Medical Center in Boulder office is also within Foothills Medical Building. To schedule an appointment with one of their providers, call 303-938-4710.

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