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Medicare Compliance

Medicare regulations require hospitals to publicly post their Charge Description Master (CDM) or chargemaster, which is a list of all the services and items that can be billed to a patient or a patient’s health insurance company. The chargemaster captures the costs of each procedure, service, medical supply, prescription drug and diagnostic test provided at the hospital, as well as any fees associated with services, such as room rates.

The chargemaster rates are calculated with the intent of covering a hospital’s full operating costs, including facilities and equipment, along with important support services for which patients are not directly charged, such as patient registration, housekeeping and maintenance.

Unfortunately, chargemaster rates do not provide helpful information regarding how much a patient will actually pay for a service. Most patients use health insurance to cover their costs. BCH accepts most health insurance plans. Please contact your insurance plan to determine your specific coverage.


In accordance with federal hospital transparency requirements, BCH is providing cost information for "shoppable" services.

A shoppable service is typically non-urgent and can be scheduled in advance, allowing patients to price shop and schedule at a time that is convenient for them. Examples of common shoppable services include imaging and laboratory services, medical and surgical procedures and outpatient clinic visits.

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BCH also offers self-pay pricing options, payment plans and financial assistance. For help in determining your cost for a service and your payment options, please contact our financial counselors at 303-415-8115.