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Care Everywhere

Your Health Is Our Priority

Care Everywhere is a system by which your health information can be shared electronically between health care providers to aid in your treatment. This secure, digital electronic medical record provides continuity of care so that you can rest assured you're receiving the highest quality care no matter where you are being treated.

The Care Everywhere system enables physicians to make the best decisions possible about your care because they are able to access your medical history, allergies, medications, lab results, and other pertinent reports. Having this access to your health information can save you and your health care team time and medical costs.

How Does Sharing My Record Work?

We want to help you get safe and effective care at our organization and other places where you receive treatment. We might share your record with other health care providers outside of this organization and your health plan so that your information is accessible to your care team. For example, we might share your record so your doctors have access to your health history in emergencies or so that a specialist you were referred to has a clear picture of your health plan.

Care Everywhere allows health care providers at other organizations to request and exchange important information for your care. Secure, electronic exchange of your record gives your care team information they need to make informed decisions about your care and could even help prevent mistakes or help you avoid unnecessary tests or procedures. Electronic exchange of your record can also help improve your experience by decreasing the amount of your medical history and records that you need to remember, bring with you, or have sent to your healthcare providers.

Who can request my information?

Health care organizations that identify you as one of their patients can request your record from our organization. This helps members of your care team coordinate the different aspects of your care.

What information is shared?

Any information in your electronic health record might be shared for the purposes of treatment, including:

  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Medications
  • Medical, surgical, family, and social history
  • Clinic and hospital visits
  • Test results
  • Diagnoses
  • Procedures

How is my information protected?

We carefully protect the privacy and security of your information using different physical, administrative and technical controls. When we share your health information with authorized requestors, your record is encrypted and delivered in a secure, electronic format.

You can choose to limit the sharing of your health information to your care providers at this organization. Please see below for information regarding opting out of Care Everywhere.

Opt Out of Care Everywhere

You have the right to decide whether your information is shared through the Care Everywhere system. You can choose to opt out of sharing information through Care Everywhere or to require that your consent be obtained for each release of information. You can change your mind at any time.

To opt out of Care Everywhere, please contact us by emailing