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Patient Testimonials

Please see below for testimonials from patients who have taken classes from BCH's Center for Mind Body Medicine. For class information, please click the links below or view all of our classes on the BCH calendar.

Testimonials for Neural Reprocessing for Anxiety (Online) - Four Week Series offered every month.

"This has been such a benefit to me. I was lost and alone and did not have hope for the future. The community and connection this class has provided is invaluable!" -63 year-old-woman with pain and chronic fatigue

"This 4-part class is amazing and SO helpful. I have learned to take control over my brain and have noticed a REDUCTION in my dizziness that I have had for over a year! I truly believe that this class is a life-saver for people with chronic issues… Dizziness doesn’t control my life anymore. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants help with chronic dizziness/balance issues." -36 year-old-woman diagnosed w debilitating dizziness

"This was a great class, packed full of invaluable information on how we can begin to reprogram our brains’ fight or flight habitual patterns of reacting to our environment and life experiences… and learning from other participants experiences during the class was also quite valuable. I thought it was an excellent class and highly recommend it to anyone experiencing anxiety or pain that is interfering with their life." -67 year-old-woman with chronic hip, neck, back and foot pain

Testimonials for the 4-session Cardiac Health and the Nervous System offered quarterly.

"What a masterful class! I've attended therapy and read books on these concepts for years but somehow this class hits differently. I now have real curiosity about my body aches and pains rather than worry. This should be a required class for anyone tired of visiting doctors to figure out what's "wrong" with them." - Seth W., 39 years old

"It’s profound to learn that the stories my brain has fired off for years has actually influenced feelings of anxiety, heart flutters and pain… by the end of class I’ve noticed a reduction in those symptoms." - Karyn S., 57 years old

"Not just another new age class, this is geared towards those who’ve grown up with western medicine. After 30 years of yoga practice, I found this class to be more effective." - Michelle, 55 years old