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Sound Bath Comes to BCH for Staff Health & Wellness

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  • Written By: Boulder Community Health
Sound Bath Comes to BCH for Staff Health & Wellness

by BCH's Hillary Miller, RN, BSN

Gong Master Brian Dickinson offers sound bath experiences for BCH staff and the reviews have been overwhelming positive:

AMAZING! LOVED it! Thank you!!!!

Please, please, please, please offer it again.

Thank you for arranging the sound bath. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been to several sound baths previously, most focused on the bowls, which were great. This one focused more on the gong, and was amazing. I received vibrations that I have never felt before.

Thank you again, and I encourage you to bring him back. I liked him and his sound.

The sound bath today was sooooooo verrrrrry helpful… On a lot of levels. I appreciate you making that possible. Thank you. Please invite him back.

AMAZING! LOVED it! Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much for inviting me to the gong meditation today! It was wonderful!

Curious about how sound effects your body?

Researchers have found that sound waves affect the human nervous system and decrease blood pressure more than traditional meditation, according to this article in the Washington Post. There is also new research on the benefits of binaural beats, which is when two tones at slightly different frequencies are played in unison. These sounds have been found to reduce anxiety levels, as well as enhance mood states.