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BCH Partners with Boulder High School Students for 'ThinkFirst' Injury Prevention Tips

BCH Partners with Boulder High School Students for 'ThinkFirst' Injury Prevention Tips

by Joan DePuy, BCH Injury & Trauma Prevention Coordinator

people holding bonesThe Student Council of Boulder High School, in anticipation of their prom this Saturday night, reached out to Boulder Community Health to help educate and prepare students to think about impaired and distracted driving.

BCH spent two days at Boulder High School talking to students about the importance of thinking first and injury prevention. We also brought a distracted driving simulator for students to check out just how dangerous driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or in dangerous conditions, can be.

It’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month and these kids are on it! They want to do the right thing, “ThinkFirst™" and still have a good time.

April 24: Victim-for-Injury-Prevention Jade Roch VonRochsburg joined me to share her personal story to over 120 students at BHS. Jade told the students her story of sustaining a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from a car crash, and her 11-year rehabilitation journey.

Jade said it all came down to a choice she made. She stressed how important it is to NOT drive in inclement weather, ALWAYS wear your seatbelt, to “ThinkFirst™” and make better choices to prevent injuries of this nature.

April 25: Pam Morrison of Drive Smart Evergreen and I brought the Drive Simulator, Impairment Goggles and Distracted Driving Game to Boulder High School. Hundreds of students participated in the full-day event designed to give students an experience of just how dangerous is it to drive impaired.

Many thanks to the Student Council and BHS Math Teacher Russell Selnau who helped to make both of these days happen!

To all Boulder High School students in our community: Have fun at your prom, but always “ThinkFirst™!

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