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Shawn R

  • Author: Shawn R.
  • Date Submitted: Dec 9, 2021
  • Category: Gratitude Story
“Katti has truly made a hospital stay from hell, into a life-changing experience”

RN Katti is also a blessing. I feel that it was fate that also brought me to North 1 to be treated. Katti has truly made a hospital stay from hell, into a life-changing experience, Another Angel, in a mixed-up world. She has been honestly kind, caring human being. By her actions,not words, she has been attentive to my needs, not questioning me about pain level, but understanding my needs although my time as her ward was short, she has left a lifetime impression, that what is wrong with medical care, there is Hope, that not all are here for a paycheck, I hope that one day I can truly repay Katti for her time as her patient, again the World needs 100 million more Angels like her.

She helped me through some very dark times. Thank you Katti for being in my life, this time with you has rekindled Hope in a hopeless period time, from the start, when I thought I would lose my hand, or fingers. She has given me kindness, taken the time to get to know me, though she has a brutal schedule, she took the time. A rarity these days. Thank you for your kindness, understanding, and honesty. It’s been a True Blessing, I will never forget our time together. Namaste and Happy Trails, Sincerely yours Indigo…