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John E

  • Author: John E.
  • Date Submitted: Nov 24, 2022
  • Category: Gratitude Story
“Dr. Trujillo is the type of Doctor who gives me a hug instead of a handshake when I see him every year.”

I am a retired FBI Agent from the Denver Office. We used to have our annual physicals at Lutheran Medical Center. About 25 years ago the physical disclosed something that they thought I should see a Cardiologist about. I am not sure how I was put in touch with Dr. Trujillo, but that began a long-standing relationship with one of the finest individuals I have ever met.

After I retired, I was involved in training for the U.S. State Department, which required travel all over the world. On a trip to Jordan, a year unrecalled, I started to have pains in my chest while working out.. When I got back home, my wife and I took a trip to Aspen and on a hike I again got those pains. I was due for my annual physical, so when I got back home I took that physical. My regular physician gave me an EKG and they said I needed instant care. They made me an appointment with another Doctor at Boulder Heart and he immediately set me up for a stent the next day at BCH with that Doctor. I thereafter called Dr. Trujillo's exceptional assistant because I wanted to ask her a question. Before I could ask the question she said, "I know, you want Dr. Trujillo to do the stent". Before I could say anything else, she said he will do it the next day.

Dr. Trujillo did the stent and even though I had to stay an extra day in the hospital, he visited me to make sure I was doing okay and I have never had a problem since. Dr. Trujillo is the type of Doctor who gives me a hug instead of a handshake when I see him every year. He always asks how everything is going in my life before he examines me. He is well aware that my wife is having serious medical problems, and he even gave me his personal cell phone if I ever needed to talk. I have never called that phone, but I still have the number. Dr. Trujillo is also the Cardiologist for other members of my family, as well as several friends. The man is one of the finest human beings I have ever met and I sure hope he remains at Boulder Heart as long as I have my annual heart appoinment.