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Annual well-woman visits

Well-woman visits focus on taking care of your health now to avoid illness later.

We know you have many demands on your time but taking preventive health measures today can help lead to a longer, healthier life. Annual well-woman exams are the cornerstone to helping you stay healthy.

These exams focus on preventive care.
Annual well-woman exams are different from the visits with your health care provider when you are sick or have an injury. They focus on preventive care and may include:

  • A physical exam, including a blood pressure check.
  • Screening blood tests to check cholesterol, blood sugar and thyroid may be included.
  • Cancer screenings you may need at your age, and with your risk factors.
  • Vaccines you may need to prevent diseases and other health problems.
  • Education counseling to help you make informed health decisions.

Take steps for a healthier life. Schedule your annual well-woman visit today!

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