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Ask an Expert: What is the Trager Approach and why is it a good prevention tool? 6/23/22

  • Category: Substance Abuse

What is the Trager Approach? How do gentle movements of our bodies help to calm the nervous system? How can this support healthy coping for life’s stressors and be a preventive tool for pain, mental health concerns and substance misuse? Join us as our own Certified Trager Practitioner teaches us about this unique and effective method of care.

Speakers: Elizabeth Haselwood, RN-BSN, BFA
Amanda Wroblewski, LCSW – BCH PILLAR Program

Facilitator: This event is brought to you by the BCH PILLAR Program and Center for Mind Body Medicine. Facilitation and discussion will be shared by each of our speakers throughout the course of the evening.

Please fill out our post-discussion survey after the discussion! For questions – reach out to Amanda Wroblewski at