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Staff & Physician Wellness

We believe it is imperative to invest in the resilience of BCH’s greatest asset – the staff and physicians that provide transformational care to the community on a daily basis.

The BCH Foundation supports how BCH values its staff and physicians by investing in their education, well-being and morale.

Donate to Staff & Physician Wellness

“I have worked at BCH for nearly 20 years as an RN and I have seen many changes in the Spiritual Care Unit. Today, we have the best the leadership, team members and focus I have ever seen from Spiritual Care. I feel fortunate to have this dedicated group of people supporting the patients and staff at BCH.” -BCH Employee

Examples of programs that the BCH Foundation supports within Staff and Physician Engagement include:

Employee Appreciation

  • Acts of Kindness: Provides “random acts of kindness” to specific BCH staff groups in need of extra love and attention.
  • Farm to Table: Provides special staff appreciation events where meals are provided.

Employee Emergency Assistance Fund

A fund set up by other BCH employees to help fellow employees that are struggling financially and may need a little extra help.

Wellness Program

A series of initiatives developed to support BCH staff, leadership, and providers - to alleviate burnout and to promote resiliency, increase capacity and improve the longevity of employment within BCH.

“On many levels, all of us have struggled with the situation of last two years: the fear of COVID, the lost of normalcy, the ups and downs of patient acuity, patient flow and staffing and fear of the unknown. The Spiritual Care team has been supportive in so many ways. Providing meals and snacks, rounding and checking in with staff, coordinating rituals for everyone to participate in, the baskets in the staff lounge room with books, coloring pages, self-care items, health and wellness offerings...the list goes on and on. They have also provided resources, self-assessment tools, and most importantly acknowledgment and validation of how we are all feeling.” -BCH Employee

A Generous Donation

We are excited to announce that the Anchor Point Foundation donated $2 million to the BCH Foundation in support of initiatives that address all areas of physician and staff wellness — mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. By approaching wellness holistically, we aim to reduce the risk of caregiver burnout, improve staff retention and foster the resilience needed to continue providing the best possible patient care. Click here to read the full article.

Watch the video below as Grant Besser, BCH Foundation President and Amy Batchelor, Co-founder of the Anchor Point Foundation, speak about her organization's donation to help BCH staff and physician wellness initiatives.