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Community Collaboration

We believe that developing meaningful partnerships across the community is critical in BCH achieving its vision – ‘Partnering to create and care for the healthiest community in the nation.

The BCH Foundation supports BCH in capacity building through igniting new partnerships, accelerating existing partnerships, or funding partnerships that need financial support. Many of these partnerships support BCH playing an expanded role in collaborating to invest in improving the social determinants that are impacting health and within BCH’s control to influence.

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Community Collaboration Partners

Blue Sky Bridge

Partnership to support and promote the new Pediatric Victim Services Medical Program. This program makes it possible for those children to receive an on-site medical examination. By offering clients a continuum of care that includes medical treatment, during and after the investigative process, Blue Sky Bridge and BCHF are working together to ensure that children are receiving the best possible care in allegations of child abuse.

“Boulder Community Health is a critical partner in moving forward especially with these medical exams that we can now provide. We could not do this without Boulder Community Health.” Gina Earles, Executive Director, Blue Sky Bridge

“I now know as an emergency physician that I have a partner in the community that I can trust who will take care of these very important patients to me that provide services that I cannot.” Dr. Kim Feldhaus, Emergency Medicine Physician, BCH

Boulder County AIDS Project and the BCH Beacon Center for Infectious Diseases

Together, Beacon and the Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP) have earned high regard in the state of Colorado for exceptional wrap around care for people living with HIV. Based on the concept of Treatment as Prevention (TasP), this working partnership has helped to reduce HIV transmission in the service area shared by Beacon and BCAP. The grant supports expanded programming of: HIV Homeless Care Continuation Program, HCV linkage to Care Program, and Medical Intervention for People Who Inject.

“Our partnership with Boulder Community Health Foundation allows Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP) to better meet the health and wellness needs for persons living with or at greatest risk of acquiring HIV and/or HCV. The Foundation’s investment in direct services fosters trust between our clients and Boulder Community Hospital. This collaborative relationship supports our clients’ engagement in preventative care, which helps decrease ER and re-hospitalization costs.” -- Frank O’Caña, Executive Director, Boulder County AIDS Project

“The collaboration allows strong community ties to strengthen further and reach deeper into the community to provide harm reduction and prevention services to individuals at risk without stigma. These efforts can create a healthier and stronger community.” -- Ellen Tucker, LCSW Beacon Grant Manager Beacon Center for Infectious Disease, BCH

Bridge House

Working to better serve those experiencing homelessness in the Boulder community through BCH integration into the Coordinated Entry Program. BCH’s goal in participating is to treat patients where they are and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits.

“Being able to partner with BCH to provide immediate access to medical care is enormously important for our clients so that they may get the care that they need to address what might be a minor issue today so that it’s not a major issue tomorrow.” -- Isabel McDevitt, CEO, Bridge House

“The partnership between Bridge House and BCH is really innovative and a game changer. The fact that we will be able to not only treat the patients at place but will keep them out of the emergency department which is not the right level of care for most of these patients.” -- Beth Burgin, Case Management Director, BCH

Feed the Frontlines Boulder

Community coming together to donate meals from local independent restaurants to health workers on the frontlines. Health workers get a nourishing meal, and local restaurants get badly needed business to keep running and keep staff employed.

Please read the 9News article on Feed the Frontlines

Love for Lily

The Love for Lily grant will go to develop and implement an ongoing in-unit support program for families with children hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care unit of Boulder Community Hospital’s Family Birth Center (Birth Center). The program will provide an in-unit weekly group support meeting open to all parents of NICU babies at the Birth Center. During meetings, parents will be coached in coping and relationship skills in a welcoming and safe space to share and process their birth experience, NICU journey, and all of the many challenges and hurdles that families may experience in the NICU.

Please read the Daily Camera article about this grant published on April 7, 2020.

There with Care

Providing referred BCH patient families with babysitting services, grocery deliveries, prepared meals, housecleaning, and more to help lighten the family’s load to help them focus more time and energy on their loved ones.

“The collaboration with medical professionals is really what makes it so meaningful. The nurses and the doctors in the hospital are so great at what they do in giving the care that they provide to families but they often see areas where families could use extra help and at There with Care we can be that conduit to connect the community to the families.” -- Paula Du Pre’ Pesman, Executive Director, There with Care

“I think it goes back to our VISION at BCH and if our vision is to really care for the healthiest community in the country we really must think about what does that look like and part of what that looks like is we have to care about these patients not only in their medical illness and their journey through that, but their families.” -- Janessa Delgado, RN Case Manager of Case Management, BCH

Queer Asterisk

Provide didactic, interactive education for frontline staff and the leadership team about the care and concerns of LGBTQ patients and their families. The training will also give staff the skills and tools needed for comprehensive support for LGBTQ patients.

“A trip to the hospital can be stressful for anyone and is particularly anxiety-inducing for queer and transgender people -- leading to poor health outcomes. By investing in training with Queer Asterisk, Boulder Community Health is taking a meaningful step toward sustaining an inclusive health care system here in Boulder. Our partnership with BCH is truly impactful -- it's reassuring to know that Boulder Community Health employees feel confident in their ability to provide affirming, high-quality care to queer and transgender patients.” -- Sorin Thomas, Founding & Executive Director, Clinical Supervisor, Queer Asterisk

Our trans and non-binary community members under-access much-needed services, including police and emergency care, because they fear being misgendered or a target of micro-aggressions and other transphobia. Queer Asterisk's Gender Awareness and Responsiveness training give BCH staff and providers the knowledge and skill they need to better care for trans and non-binary patients. Staff have been engaged and grateful for these trainings. They also appreciate Sorin's ability to answer the awkward and difficult questions." -- Sarah Wise, RN Manager Clinical Practice, Boulder Community Health