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Kathy K.

  • Author: Kathy K.
  • Date Submitted: Aug 15, 2017

In mid-July of 2017, my three sisters & I were on our annual sister’s vacation from out of state. This year we elected to visit the Winter Park/Fraser area. On the first day of the trip I was stricken with a heart attack. Being flown in to Foothills Hospital, I wondered if I was going to make it. Upon arrival at the emergency room, I was quickly taken care of from the registration personnel thru the RNs and especially the cardiologist, Dr. Nelson Trujillo (a.k.a. Dr. Angel). All who assisted me were comforting, caring and reassuring. I just felt safe and knew that I would be properly treated by this team, and that I had the great fortune of being at this hospital. Stent surgery was performed and the hospital staff was generous in their care during my recovery.

Sincerely, Kathy Kleam Lake Dallas, Texas