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Welcome to Boulder Community Health's wellness podcasts, where we share health and wellness tips from BCH staff. Please see below for our latest podcasts.


In this podcast, we look at what is moving under the surface of our experiences. Through thoughtful conversation, we examine the questions and inquiries that can help us navigate life just a little more freely.

Host: Sharna Ill, Spiritual Care and Palliative Care Manager, BCH Health and Wellness
Co-host: Courtney Gambrell, Foothills Hospital Chaplain

Episode 1: Overcoming insomnia

Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep? You’re not alone. About 40 million Americans experience insomnia severe enough to affect their quality of life and overall health. But while this sleep disorder is common, it's also a complex condition that goes beyond experiencing an occasional sleepless night.

Our guest for this podcast is board-certified sleep medicine specialist Thomas Minor, MD. He describes the consequences of sleep deprivation and offers practical tips for overcoming insomnia.

Episode 1: Overcoming insomnia