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Fluoroscopy (X-Ray)

patients getting fluoroscopyFluoroscopy is a type of medical imaging that allows physicians to observe moving body structures—similar to an X-ray “movie.” During a fluoroscopy procedure, real-time images are taken, often together with a contrast agent (dye) ingested by the patient.

By viewing these images on a monitor, physicians are able to watch your body’s systems at work, for instance, watching a heart beating or a stomach as it digests food. This valuable information helps with diagnosis and treatment.

When is Fluoroscopy Recommended?

Fluoroscopy is used in a range of exams and procedures, including barium X-rays and enemas (to view the gastrointestinal tract), cardiac catheterization (to direct movement of a catheter within the body), and orthopedic surgery (to guide joint replacement and fracture treatment).

What to Expect During a Fluoroscopy Procedure

These procedures generally take 45 to 60 minutes. After changing into a hospital gown, the patient lies on a bed-like table that can be positioned horizontally or vertically. X-rays are taken while you stay very still.

Prior to the exam, your physician will give you any special preparation instructions. If you have an allergy to contrast materials such as barium, please inform your doctor or the technologist before your exam.

Imaging technologists generally perform fluoroscopies. A board-certified radiologist will interpret the results and send a report to your physician in a timely fashion.

Benefits and Risks

Recent advances in fluoroscopy technology – digital image processing and flat-panel detectors – mean today’s procedures convey much reduced radiation doses.

BCH demonstrates our dedication to providing the safest, highest quality Imaging services by having a specially trained medical physicist onsite full-time to regularly test and adjust all equipment to ensure our patients receive the smallest dose of radiation needed for any exam.

Schedule a Fluoroscopy Appointment

Fluoroscopy is provided at our Foothills Hospital location.

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Paying for Services

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