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New cardiac patient assistance program: Heart to Heart

New cardiac patient assistance program: Heart to Heart

This month, the Boulder Community Health Foundation launches a new cardiac patient assistance program at BCH and Boulder Heart called Heart to Heart

After a complex heart surgery and long hospital stay, Bhikkhu Schober and his partner Waduda Paradiso were grateful to go home and begin the process of recovery. Waduda commented that “The professional care and commitment of Dr. Trujillo, Dr. Mahan, and Dr. O’Hair who masterfully performed the surgery, and all the other doctors and staff at Boulder Heart, gave us the chance to start a new life.” 

After their experience at BCH Waduda and Bhikkhu were inspired to work with the BCH Foundation to establish a fund that supports patients receiving care at Boulder Heart. Born of their generosity the Heart to Heart program launches this February. Waduda and Bhikkhu’s wish is that Heart to Heart will provide financial assistance to cardiac patients so they have one less worry and can focus on their health, wellness, and recovery. The grants made from this fund will support patients in the prevention, treatment, and management of their cardiac health.   

“It means so much to be able to support our patients above and beyond typical clinical care. None of this would be possible without the generosity of our community of donors.” 

- Boulder Heart’s Care Team 


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The BCH Foundation believes providing our community with the highest value in health care requires an innovative, patient-centered environment and supports BCH in providing holistic care that addresses our patients’ physical needs and their mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. The Heart to Heart fund is modeled after the BCH Foundation's Red Lipstick fund, which financially supports cancer patients at BCH.