The Red Lipstick Fund


red lipstick fund logoThe creation of The Red Lipstick Fund was the brainstorm of three Boulder women (Helayne Jones, Anne Beer and Fran Ryan) who listened to their friend, Marsha Moritz, relate stories about the intense difficulty other patients had navigating through their cancer treatment with limited resources to soften the impact from the treatment.

Marsha would ask, “How can they do it: getting to and from chemo, picking up medications, navigating the myriad of at-home chores, keeping appointments without funds and personal support?

Marsha, who passed away from breast cancer in September of 2010, was a role model of dignity and an advocate for helping those in need. Helayne, Anne and Fran named the Red Lipstick Fund in honor of Marsha, who always wore red lipstick.


The fund offers financial assistance to cancer patients in need and will pay for whatever a patient needs—medication, shelter, food and heat—giving that person one less thing to worry about.

Advisory Board

  • Anne Beer
  • Helayne Jones
  • Clarissa King
  • Cindy Lefkoff
  • John Moritz
  • Kimberly Moritz
  • Shannon Morgan
  • Fran Ryan

2022 Year in Review

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2021 Brochure


The assistance provided by The Red Lipstick Fund can truly be life-changing and provides hope during the most challenging of times. Please see below for some testimonials from those who've been helped:

“Being diagnosed with breast cancer has been devastating, on every level, including financially. As a single parent struggling to cope with cancer, work and the mounting bills, this assistance makes things a little easier. Sending my heartfelt gratitude of thanks.”

“Your “Red Lipstick” grant was an extraordinary act of kindness and generosity during a very challenging health event in my life. It also reaffirmed the reality that goodness and compassion still thrive in this chaotic, fast-paced world.”

“This grant was much needed and appreciated at an overwhelming time. Thank you for this miracle and all that it means to me.”

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