Heart to Heart Fund

Born of the generosity and care of Waduda Paradiso and Bhikkhu Schober, the Heart to Heart endowment is intended to support patients receiving care with Boulder Heart’s incredible team of physicians and staff, with personal, unsolicited and meaningful gifts.

This fund will support patients in overcoming the barriers to accessing and optimizing their care; as well as supporting their quality of life as they deal with the difficult reality of a cardiac related diagnosis.

Modeled off The Red Lipstick Fund here at BCH, Heart to Heart will offer financial assistance to local cardiac patients at Boulder Heart so they have one less worry and can focus on prevention, treatment and management of their cardiac health.

Possible funding opportunities can include, but are not limited to:

Barriers to care

  • Co-pays
  • Medicine Mgmt.
  • Transportation
  • Equipment (ex: blood pressure cuffs, oxygen monitors, cardiac monitors)

Complementary/Integrative Services

  • Access to integrative care (massage, reiki, acupuncture, PT)
  • Access to behavioral health services
  • Access to nutrition services
  • Wellness & Mindfulness (fitness/mindfulness practices)

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