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Two BCH Physicians Receive BizWest Recognition

Boulder Community Health (BCH) is proud to share that two members of our medical staff have been selected as BizWest “Notable Women in Health Care” honorees. These awards recognize “women in health care who are leading their teams through the COVID-19 crisis.”

Congratulations to BCH’s Amie Meditz, MD and Heather Bright Hoffmeyer, MD on this much-deserved recognition. The honorees, who are featured in the October 2021 print edition of BizWest and online here, were nominated by their peers at work and in the community. Nomination materials were submitted and accepted after a review by BizWest’s editorial team.

Amie Meditz, MD: Infectious Diseases Specialist

Since March 2020, the entire team at BCH has battled COVID-19, working to keep the community safe.

One physician in particular has helped lead the fight to end this devastating disease. Dr. Meditz’s leadership, dedication, strength, and clinical care and knowledge is outstanding.

Dr. Meditz was nominated by five individuals. In the nominations, they wrote: 

“As a nurse practitioner and hospitalist at Boulder Community Health, I have collaborated with Dr. Amie Meditz for more than eight years, caring for acutely ill patients presenting all types of infections, including COVID. She has elevated our ability to care for COVID patients during the pandemic. She provides care that goes far beyond the norm. She gets to know her patients, their families and their fears, treating everyone with respect.”

“I consider her clinical understanding and delivery of care to be beyond exceptional. Simply put, patients get better under her care. It is an honor to observe this and to partner with her in caring for our community.”

“To describe the gift of Dr. Meditz to me personally is hard, especially when reflecting on the challenges of COVID over the past 18 months. She has been a source of strength for me personally and her colleagues. Her guidance on how to treat this illness has been invaluable. During this scary and uncertain season, she treats everyone with great respect, educating our care teams, strengthening our skills and deepening our competency. This was no easy task under trying circumstances. Dr. Meditz holds strong through every trial we encounter and celebrates our triumphs.”

“She has been at my side when I had to call families to let them know their loved one would die, often alone, and has wept with me during these losses. Dr. Meditz has been a safety net to me and all her colleagues. She helped me, and many others, survive the darkest days of COVID, selflessly and tirelessly giving her knowledge, strength and assurance that we will get through it together.”

After beginning her career studying HIV in women, Dr. Meditz joined BCH as an infectious diseases physician in 2013. Since then, she has received many awards highlighting her leadership, compassion and clinical talents.

Heather Bright Hoffmeyer, MD: OB-GYN

Although general surgeries were postponed during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Heather Bright Hoffmeyer’s patients – pregnant women – could not forego care. Since the start of COVID, Dr. Bright Hoffmeyer has delivered more than 250 babies, including eight in one day.

Those who nominated Dr. Bright Hoffmeyer wrote:

“Her unparalleled bedside manner and extreme competence as a physician and surgeon make her a cherished practitioner by Boulder women.”

“Dr. Heather Bright Hoffmeyer is an exceptional physician, businesswoman and mentor who shone even brighter during COVID.”

“Heather has mentored dozens of women, bringing more women into the medical field. She both identifies young women’s strengths and helps them meet their full potential by setting high expectations.”

Well-deserved recognition for Drs. Meditz and Bright Hoffmeyer.