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Strategies for Preventing Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

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Emotionally healthy mom = emotionally healthy baby: Strategies for preventing postpartum depression & anxiety.

Postpartum depression and anxiety affect up to 1 in 5 new moms and are known to be the most common complications of childbirth. Although depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum can be difficult and unexpected, they are also highly preventable and absolutely treatable.  

Kate Kripke, LCSW will facilitate a monthly gathering for pregnant moms and their partners to discuss strategies and preparation for a healthy postpartum experience. This talk will be especially valuable to women who are at high risk for developing a postpartum mood and anxiety disorder (like PPD or PPA) but is certainly appropriate for any pregnant mom. In this class, we will discuss postpartum emotional challenges (including the spectrum of mood and anxiety disorders), risk factors, warning signs, and ways to think ahead and plan for a healthy postpartum experience so as to decrease your risk of developing depression and anxiety in the first year with a baby. 

This talk will begin a process of increasing awareness and decreasing the stigma related to these VERY common challenges. 

Are you at risk?

  • History of depression, anxiety or other mental illness
  • Previous PPD or PPA 
  • Negative thought patterns: perfectionism, high expectations, or need for control-
  • Lacking social support, major change during pregnancy, family of origin conflicts
  • Difficult pregnancy 

Partners and/or support people are encouraged to attend.

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  • Registration Instructions: Free class. Please contact the event coordinator to register for this class.