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Rediscovering My Body After Cancer: A Class for Women

A woman's journey of recovery, intimacy, body image, sensuality, and relationships.

Many women find that intimacy and sexuality changes after or during cancer treatment. This course is designed to help women rediscover themselves after cancer treatment.

Certified sex therapist Tara Galeano, L.P.C., CST leads the group and encourages frank conversations about how a woman's sexuality changes after cancer. Together, we can create a plan to navigate the emotional, mechanical and relational obstacles to reignite your passion and your new sense of self.

Cost: $60 per person for 4 weekly sessions beginning Monday, April 8, 2019. Scholarships are available. Payment to Boulder Community Health.

To learn more, contact Tara Galeano at or call 303-544-1400.

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    Tebo Family Medical Building

    4715 Arapahoe Ave
    Boulder, CO 80303

    Email or call 303-544-1400.

    Price: $60.00

    Room: Community Room

    Registration Type: Call to Register

    Registration Info: Please contact Tara Galeano at