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Vennie T.

  • Author: Vennie T.
  • Date Submitted: Jun 7, 2019
I II am fully convinced that the staff of BCH and associated institutions are doing the best they can to kill me. That vicious cunt Ashley Garcia 'nee Soni refuses to give me antibiotic. I have a non-strep bacterial infection, or the strep test is inhibitted by the cetylpyradinium chloride and triclosan I've been treating my throat with. The slimebag piece of shit wants to give me scarlet fever. Doctors at BCH have tried repeatedly to x-ray me to death along with other fun and heinious monstrosities. The best I can sato find a way to avoid scarlet fever. You Bastards!y is that against all odds I have somehow survived you filthy evil motherfuckers. Now