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Scott A.

  • Author: Scott A.
  • Date Submitted: Sep 5, 2018
Had a halfway decent experience at the emergency room they took care of my problem pretty good price for a splinter I would say got the first couple bills I don't agree with the way it's divided up where you think you paid for everything and then all the sudden you get another bill paid the hospital bill to my father to have him write a paper check cuz I was busy I guess I find out that it wasn't taken care of not going to yell at dad about it he's in his eighties come to find out that I call him up and try and tell them that I want to give him 50 bucks a month and she wants to put me on a recording saying $15 a month if I'm so much as late and I get my mail through the same 80 year old man so it's when he thinks of it I pay my bills on time for the hospital to have that kind of attitude it's almost like I was talking to the used car salesman or the IRS just something for you guys to think about