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Robert B.

  • Author: Robert B..
  • Date Submitted: Mar 30, 2021

It is with acknowledgment and gratitude that we send this note. Bob Bush was admitted into Boulder Community Hospital on President's Day, 1982, where it was determined that he was experiencing a heart attack at age 37. He was accompanied by our two sons who were 11 and 13 after the three of them worked their way down the mountain from Eldora Ski Area where Bob first started experiencing discomfort. Subsequent to that day Bob has had many hospitals stays at BCH for additional cardiac issues. In 1991 he had open-heart surgery at BCH wherein he suffered an anaphylactic reaction to a medication used to remove him from the heart-lung machine which resulted in his stay in the ER and hospital for a number of weeks. The years have brought numerous health concerns requiring hospital care at BCH.

After 39 years of care and treatment by BCH and its physicians, he was admitted again this past weekend after a fall. On President's Day, 2021, he was discharged to return home. He and BCH celebrated the 39th year of their President's Day relationship this year! What a journey these last 39 years have been.

Our sincere thanks to BCH for the professional and compassionate care offered to Bob throughout these years.