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Mark L.

  • Author: Mark L.
  • Date Submitted: Apr 23, 2019
I don't think this story is what BCH is looking for but I feel it needs to be told. I have been a patience of Dr. Leif Redal (Northwest Family Med.) for the past 23 years and have nothing but the best of care, until recently. On April 16, 2019 I went to see Dr. Redal due to high blood presure and chest pain or discomfort. I live in Lakewood but travel to Louisville because of my past history with Dr. Redal not convenient but worth it for me. I live two block form Lutheran Med center. I was sent to the emergency room, yes I went back to Lutheran. I was told by the ER doctors to make a follow up vist with Dr. Redal I was able to get back in on April 22, 2019 @ 330 I thought. I went into the office at 313 PM thinking I would be a little early and maybe get in a little earlier. Thats when I was informed that I was late for my appointment which I guess was at 300 PM and would have to RESCHEDULE, REALLY!! 13 minutes late yes I know that I was late but 13 minutes. I sorry but to be turned away for 13 minutes for the reason I was there. To make a long story short I still have high blood presure and mild chest pain looking for help from a new doctor. I will not return to NWFM. I honestly don't think Dr. Redal is awear that this happened I do believe this would not have happened if Dr. Redal was involved. And making appointment to see your doctor through BCH is a pain. I will miss Dr. Redal I thank him for his past service of concern and care he has giving me. That has gone down hill since he went with BCH. Yes right now I am highly upset and just needed to get this off my chest no puns intended. That was to much for me, maybe I am asking to much out of health care now days but that just didn't seem rifgt.