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Katharine N.

  • Author: Katharine N..
  • Date Submitted: Nov 12, 2019
“If you are in need of a good hospital, I couldn't say more amazing things about BCH.”
I was taken to the ER late one night by my roommate, thinking I didn't need to go, that I was fine and just needed some sleep. Turns out, I was quite the opposite of fine and after about an hour of being there, I was diagnosed with a very rare muscular disease that occurred as a result of an ongoing medical condition I have. I was taken up to the 3rd floor North Ortho/Neuro unit (I believe!), where I spent 6 nights. This was my first overnight hospital stay, and given the circumstances that I was in, it was especially scary. I'm a student at CU and my parents live in Denver, but of course, at this time they happened to be overseas. It was difficult to contact them, as I'm sure you can imagine, so I found myself starting to feel a lot of anxiety and panic. I remember getting to my room and thinking, "I am about to lose it....!" These feelings however, subsided very quickly when I felt the warmth and comfort that I was met with by the nurses. I can say with complete confidence that there was not a single nurse that came into my room during my 7 day stay that didn't make me feel comforted, taken care of, and nutured. Nurse Pattie and Nurse Ursula are the only names I'm able to remember, but genuienly, EVERY single one of them emulated what, in my mind, I would consider the perfect nurse to be. In addition to the incredible nurses, I would like to thank Dr. Anette Montoya for being such an incredible doctor! Dr. Montoya, like the nurses, had such a loving and warm presence that lit up my dull hospital room everytime she walked in, even if it was to deliver bad news. She made me rethink my entire lifestyle and the way I take care of myself. Having to spend a week in the hospital, especially for the first time, is not fun - but if it had to happen, I could not be more grateful that it did at Boulder Community. It was a life-changing experience that has made me so much more grateful for my health, and I owe it all to the amazing nurses and doctors at BCH. Not only did they save me in that moment, but they also gave me the tools and resources I needed to make sure that something like this never happens again. If you are in need of a good hospital, I couldn't say more amazing things about BCH. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!