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Hansine G.

  • Author: Hansine G.
  • Date Submitted: Jul 18, 2018

Boulder Community Health

Dee Perry, Board Chair

Robert Vissers, CEO

Tim Meyers, M.D, Medical Leadership

It takes a village to save a life.

Boulder Community Health, Foothills Hospital, your physicians and allied health professionals saved mine under very challenging and complex circumstances. My husband and I wake every morning full of gratitude, affection and awe for the remarkable people and exceptional care at Boulder Community Health.

These are the physicians who worked with us and each other to find a solution to my unique needs and surgery. They had the creativity, expertise, interest, diligence and courage to proceed with a surgery which is rarely performed. Their kindness, communication, honesty and integrity are extraordinary.

Christopher Trojanovich, M.D. Internist

Charles Jones, M.D. Surgeon

Kyle Marthaller, M.D. Surgeon

Thomas Minor, M.D. Pulmonologist

Jason Sebesto, D.O. Neurologist

Douglas Morgan, M.D. Hospitalist

Kelly Cushing. D.O Hospitalist

Ellis Owen, M.D. Anesthesiologist

Gregory Ferenz, D.O. Neurologist Neurophysiologist

David Whitling, M.D. Emergency Medicine

Gustavo Isuani, M.D. Radiologist

Charles Rogers, M.D. Cardiologist

Jeffrey Carter, M.D. Hospitalist

Nicholas Wickersham, M.D. Radiologist

An immense thank you to the health care professionals who helped me make it through each day with their grace, warmth, skill, kindness, showers, food, medicine, understanding and knowledge.

The echos of your care are truly endless.

Hansine Pedersen Goran