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Angry B

  • Author: Angry B.
  • Date Submitted: Dec 31, 2018

Came into the emergency room with a bout of stomach flu that just wouldn't stop. Was given an IV bag.

BCH charged our insurance over $7000 for the ER visit alone (not including the IV bag or any tests or other fees, or the $650 for the 5 minutes the doctor spent in the room) and we owed over $2000 out of pocket for the visit. It was billed as a level "450" visit. I would expect the top tier to be for things like gunshot wounds and heart attacks, not the stomach flu, but whatever, you're the mafia and you just charge whatever you want.

And none of the prices were made clear to us beforehand, of course.

You can go straight to hell, BCH, for your greed and for taking advantage of people who are hurt and sick. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, but I guess your're too busy enjoying your yachts to care.