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Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation

Update: Clinic closing 12/9/22

For information on BCH's closing of its Outpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation services, please see these questions and answers below.

When will BCH close its Outpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation services?

Boulder Community Health has made the difficult decision to close its Pediatric Rehabilitation services, effective Friday, December 9, 2022. Pediatric Rehabilitation services will not be available at BCH after that date.

Why is BCH closing these services?

BCH, like many health care systems locally, regionally and nationally, has experienced historic financial challenges over these last few years related to the COVID-19 pandemic—worker shortages, rising costs of labor and supplies, and low insurance reimbursement rates. These issues have created significant financial challenges for health care providers, particularly non-profit health systems.

In light of the current economic situation, our leadership team thoughtfully reviews all our services on a regular basis to ensure that we continually invest in areas where BCH provides quality health care services that meet community needs in a manner which financially sustains our non-profit organization.

Based on that analysis, we have made the difficult decision to close BCH’s Pediatric Rehabilitation services. The decision to close this service was not easy. BCH Pediatric Rehabilitation has provided a huge service to a great number of children and young adults in our community for many, many years, but it has become impossible for us to provide these services in a manner that is financially sustainable.

How do I transfer the therapy care of my child to another provider?

We are committed to supporting you in the transition of your child’s therapy care to another provider of your choosing. We are working closely with Children’s Hospital Colorado and other local providers to support this transition of care.

Our pediatric rehabilitation clinic manager, Danusia Kidane, will work directly with you to review care plans, establish discharge plans and support the transfer of future care from BCH to another local pediatric rehabilitation practice. You can reach out to Danusia with any questions or concerns you might have at 303-415-4435.

Where can I get a list of local pediatric rehabilitation services?

BCH has a comprehensive list of local pediatric rehabilitation resources available for families, which includes Children’s Hospital Colorado and many other local rehabilitation providers.

How do I get my child's medical records?

Families who need access to their child’s medical records to establish care with another provider should contact our Medical Records office at 303-415-7760 to request a copy.