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Hip & Knee Replacement

To protect our patients and staff, all people entering a BCH care facility will be required to wear a mask (exceptions include children <2 yrs. old or medical reasons such as trouble breathing, unconsciousness, or someone unable to remove a mask without assistance). *Cloth masks, bandanas, neck gaiters, and masks with valves are not acceptable.

nurses smilingBoulder Community Health has award-winning hip replacement and knee replacement programs that have earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.™ The Joint Commission is the nation’s largest standards-setting body in health care. BCH’s Foothills Hospital is one of only seven hospitals in Colorado to have earned these important certifications.

Hip Surgery

Boulder Community Health is home to a wide range of board-certified orthopedic surgeons who have experience and expertise in diagnosing and treating painful hip conditions. We offer an extensive range of treatment options and surgeons who perform specific hip and knee procedures:

Mako Total Hip Replacement Surgery

With the innovative Mako Total Hip Replacement surgery, BCH surgeons use a robotic arm and computer-guided mapping software to replace the hip joint.

Surgeons who perform Mako Total Hip replacement:

Total Hip Replacement Surgery – Anterior Approach

In the anterior (front) approach, the surgeon accesses the hip joint by making an incision at the front of the hip near the groin.

Surgeons who perform total hip replacement (Anterior):

Total Hip Replacement Surgery – Posterior Approach

In the posterior (back) approach, the surgeon reaches the hip joint by making an incision near the buttock.

Surgeons who perform total hip replacement (posterior):

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing replaces diseased parts of the hip joint while conserving more bone than a total hip replacement.

Surgeons who perform hip resurfacing:

Hip Arthroscopy

A minimally invasive surgery that repairs labral tears and cartilage damage.

Hip Preservation and Reconstruction

Knee Surgery

Our highly trained surgeons offer patients several treatment options for knee pain.

Mako Total Knee Replacement

Revolutionary Mako technology can reduce pain and shorten recovery time for knee replacement patients. Foothills Hospital was the first to offer this procedure in Colorado and is still the only facility in Boulder County to provide Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery for total knee replacement. Mako technology provides each patient with a personalized surgical plan based on their unique anatomy.

Surgeons who perform Mako Total Knee replacement:

Mako Partial Knee Resurfacing

Mako partial knee resurfacing is a minimally invasive surgery that repairs only the diseased portion of the knee, saving as much of your natural knee as possible.

Surgeons who perform Mako Partial Knee replacement:

Total Knee Replacement

Total knee joint replacement is an “open” surgery that replaces the entire damaged portion of the thighbone and shin bone with an artificial knee joint, also known as a prosthesis or implant.

Surgeons who perform total knee replacement:

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee joint replacement is an “open” surgery performed at BCH’s Foothills Hospital where only the diseased portion of a knee joint is removed and replaced with a prosthesis.

Surgeons who perform partial knee replacement:

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

A minimally invasive knee surgery performed at BCH’s Foothills Hospital that repairs ligament tears and cartilage damage.

Surgeons who perform arthroscopic knee surgery:

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