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BCH Patient Assistance Funds

BCH Patient Assistance Funds

At the Boulder Community Health Foundation, we believe that everyone should have a fair and just opportunity to reach their full health potential, both physically and mentally. We know not everyone has equal or equitable access to health care, and that multiple factors outside of health care determine our mental and physical health. While Boulder Community Health cannot solve for all the health barriers the greater Boulder community faces, the BCH Foundation can enhance access to health care, and provide social and economic support to improve the health and well-being of BCH patients and the larger patient community.

One way we support our community is through our three patient assistance funds. These funds support individual patients in overcoming the social and economic barriers to health that they may be facing during treatment. Currently, we provide patient assistance funds to several patient groups at BCH:

  1. Oncology patients through The Red Lipstick Fund
  2. Cardiology patients through the Heart to Heart Fund
  3. Behavioral Health patients through the Anchor Point Mental Health Fund

The Red Lipstick Fund

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Description automatically generated​Since 2012, The Red Lipstick Fund has been offering low barrier financial assistance to those in need while receiving treatment for cancer at the Tebo Family Medical Building. In 2023, $89,206 was awarded through 166 grants to oncology patients. In the past 12 years, $814,448 has been awarded through 1,935 grants to patients through The Red Lipstick Fund.

One patient shares how this funding supported her during her cancer treatment at BCH. “I want to thank you for the generous grant I received from you during my recent cancer treatment. It gave me great joy and the ability to utilize some of the many offerings at the Center for Integrative Care. There are not many positives about dealing with cancer, so this was a very special surprise.”

In 2023, patients received grants to support the following costs:

Heart to Heart Fund

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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceThis fund supports patients in overcoming the barriers to accessing and optimizing their care; as well as supporting their quality of life as they deal with the difficult reality of a cardiac related diagnosis. 2023 was the first year this fund was utilized at Boulder Community Health. In it’s first year, $14,214 was awarded to 23 patients.

One patient shares how Heart to Heart funding enabled her to see a psychologist after she was let go from a job she loved, helping her to heal emotionally and reduce stress while going through cardiac treatment as well. “I wanted to let you know how touched and filled with gratitude I am for the gift from Heart to Heart. Too often, moments like these can be overlooked and ignored and I wanted to make sure you are aware of how powerful a gift like this has affected me. Soon after I received this gift, I was let go from my job of five years and within days, I was given your gift, alleviating a very stressful time in my life. Once again, I am touched and grateful for your gift and I hope that I can be of service when or if others are of need.”

In 2023, patients received grants to support the following costs:

Anchor Point Mental Health Fund

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Description automatically generated​The Anchor Point Mental Health Fund was established in 2018 and offers grants to enable individuals to receive mental health care and support services that would otherwise not be available to them. These grants are being made across four core priority areas: transitions, treatment, health and wellness, and education. In 2023, $35,831 was awarded to 81 patients receiving behavioral health care at BCH. The average grant made to a patient was $441 last year.

For one patient, the financial assistance provided from the Anchor Point Mental Health Fund secured placement and covered first month’s rent and deposit for housing. This funding created a bridge until the patient received their Social Security Disability Insurance in the months to come to cover their housing expense. The patient’s past housing instability has impacted their mental health significantly with increased depression symptoms and exacerbation of health conditions with respiratory illness and seizures over the past year. This funding allowed the patient to secure a safe and supportive living environment where they could still be independent but retain the assistance needed to thrive.

In 2023, patients received grants to support the following costs:

​Established in 1978, the BCH Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The Foundation exists to inspire giving in support of BCH to enhance the quality and availability of health care in our community.

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