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30-days of Health Tips: What did we learn?

30-days of Health Tips: What did we learn?

For 30 days during May and June, Boulder Community Health (BCH) held a Movement Challenge, in conjunction with our Centennial Celebration, around Boulder County that encouraged the community to get out, move and record their progress for a chance to win daily prizes from our community partners. Each day also included health tips from BCH providers and community leaders that helped us stay motivated during the Challenge.

While our Centennial Movement Challenge might have ended, the 30 days of health tips are relevant to our lives every day. Here are some of our favorites from BCH health care providers: 

Tips to get motivated to move:

  • “Making a lifestyle change is not about motivation, it is about commitment. We do things all day that we are not motivated to do, but are committed to do. Make the commitment to yourself. Don’t wait for the motivation.” - Carla Keahey, FNP-BC 
  • “I am a big believer in regular (daily) short episodes of exercise- even 15 minutes if that is all the time I have.” - Ben Keidan, MD, MBA 

Tips to eat nutritious food:

  • “Quick & easy guide to a healthy meal: using a salad plate, 1/2 the plate should be vegetables, 1/4 lean protein and 1/4 complex carb.” - Moni Banerjee, MMS PA-C 
  • “Work to have everything you eat have at least 4g of fiber per serving. Remember, fiber comes only from plant foods! This helps lower cholesterol, prevent heart attack, treat diabetes, lower blood pressure, and prevent colon cancer.” - Maria Anderson, MD, FACC 

Tips to reduce stress and improve your mood:

  • “Learn how to say "no" to the things that aren't serving you in your life and set boundaries. Boundaries keep us safe and healthy by providing realistic expectations for ourselves and others; this way there is no mistaking what your limits might be. Knowing and honoring your limits supports not only mental health, but physical and emotional health as well.” - Amanda Wroblewski, LCSW 
  • “Make it a priority to give yourself adequate opportunity to sleep 7 nights/week. If necessary, set an alarm in the evening to remind you it's time to end your activities and go to bed.” - Thomas Minor, MD

And finally, remember, when setting any goal: 

“Keep it SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely!” - Gina DeNucci, RN, BSN, CHWC 

BCH is here for you. 

Our Primary Care teams serve as the first point of contact for your family’s everyday health care needs. Our primary care clinics include both family medicine and internal medicine specialists dedicated to providing ongoing and comprehensive health care for their patients.  

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