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A Year of Transformation Thanks to the Anchor Point Mental Health Endowment

A Year of Transformation Thanks to the Anchor Point Mental Health Endowment

The Anchor Point Mental Health Endowment was established in 2018 as a fund supporting the mental well-being of our patients along the continuum of care, empowering them to strengthen and maintain their personal independence as they address their mental health. This fund enables individuals in our community to receive mental health care and support services that may otherwise not be available to them. We are grateful for the tremendous community support that allows us to offer these services.

In 2021, the BCH Foundation used the Anchor Point Mental Health Endowment to make a total of 106 grants worth $59,353. A year of transformation made possible through the generosity of our community.

Since the BCH Foundation has started awarding Anchor Point Mental Health Endowment grants:

  • 253 grants have been awarded since 2018
  • $59,353 total awarded in 2021 across 106 grants
  • $565 was the average size of grants in 2021
  • $129,189 total awards granted across four core priority areas
  • 82.7% increase in the utilization of the endowment in 2021

The BCH Foundation's Mental Health Endowment makes grants across four core priority areas, providing grants ranging from under $100 to over $1000. The four core priority areas include:

  • Transitions: Crisis stabilization, medications, assisted living accommodations, clothing and accessories, transportation
  • Treatment: Co-pay support, medication management, group therapy
  • Health & Wellness: Integrative care, nutrition support, staff well-being
  • Education: Online navigation resources, community programs, BCH provider ongoing education


"Thank you and the mental health endowment for your generous support of the outpatient counseling center. This training has been helpful in many ways, including helping therapists structure sessions so clients can reach their goals more quickly, helping clients develop lifelong skills and bringing the team together for fun, educational and mission-driven goals." - BCH staff member

"Because of your endowment help, I've been on the right medications for a month now and I feel like my life has completely changed. I am able to focus and can better manage my anxiety. Normally, with something like the coronavirus happening, I'd be having panic attacks and feeling overwhelmed, but now I'm positive and feel like I'm able to manage things with my small business. I feel like a whole new person!" - BCH patient who received endowment funds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about the work supported by the Anchor Point Mental Health Endowment visit our Behavioral Health page.