Behavioral Health

We believe that whole health requires equally prioritizing physical and mental health.

The BCH Foundation supports BCH to help enhance their services to meet the growing behavioral health needs of our community.


Anchor Point Mental Health Endowment

The BCH Foundation has established the Anchor Point Mental Health Endowment -- a fund supporting the mental well-being of our patients along the continuum of care, empowering them to strengthen and maintain their personal independence as they address their mental health.

Learn more about how the Anchor Point Mental Health Endowment has made a difference in 2022:


The BCH Foundation is excited to announce that we have exceeded our $2 million endowment goal!

  • Each year in Colorado, about 260,000 adults and children need treatment for the most severe mental illnesses: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression and serious emotional disturbances. (Source: Denver Post)
  • Tens of thousands in our community are going without proper access to mental health care. (Source: Denver Post)
  • Colorado has the seventh-highest suicide rate in the nation. (Source: Colorado Health Foundation)
  • One in four people will have a mental illness in their lifetime, most commonly depression or anxiety. (Source: World Health Organization)

“The BCH Foundation’s Anchor Point Mental Health Endowment will play a vital role in improving the overall well-being of our community.”

-Amy Batchelor, BCH Foundation Board of Trustee member and donor

Helping Our Community

The BCH Foundation's Mental Health Endowment will create grants across four core priority areas, providing grants ranging from under $100 to well into the thousands of dollars:

  • Transitions: (e.g., crisis stabilization, medications, assisted living accommodations, clothing and accessories, transportation)
  • Treatment: (e.g., co-pay support, medication management, group therapy)
  • Health & Wellness: (e.g., integrative care, nutrition support, staff well-being)
  • Education: (e.g., online navigation resources, community programs, BCH provider ongoing education)

“By expanding support for local people dealing with serious mental health challenges, this new endowment can play a huge part in improving overall community health.”

- Dr. Robert Vissers, Boulder Community Health President & CEO

Watch what our commitment to mental health in our community means to our donors:

For more information please contact Riley Bright, Foundation Program Officer at 303-415-5205 or