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10 Tips for Successful Aging

10 Tips for Successful Aging

Boulder Community Health’s virtual wellness series Be Well Saturdays, is a monthly installment of medical advice and wellness tips provided by BCH physicians and community partners. In the May 2021 episode, BCH neurologist, Dr. Alan Zacharias, spoke about several life-planning and lifestyle habits to help you age successfully.

It is important to stay engaged and keep your mind active as you age. Dr. Zacharias recommends thinking about and doing the following to help your mind and body age well:

  • Should I retire? No, it is important to pursue your goals and stay engaged, which will help you continue to thrive.
  • Should I reflect on the past? You cannot change the past, emphasize your future instead.
  • Is exercise a good idea? Exercising is great for both the mind and body but you don’t need to run a marathon to feel its benefits. Taking regular brisk walks can be just enough as you age.
  • Expand your social circle: Growing your social circle can help you to learn new things and keep life exciting and stimulating.
  • If a little is good, is more better? No. Moderation is always the goal.
  • Hang out with younger individuals: Spending time with younger people can keep you informed on new aspects of the world.
  • How often should I see my doctor? For those with medical conditions, it’s important to see your doctor as recommended but for most healthy individuals, simply go in when you need to.
  • See yourself as a thriving soul, not an older person: Appreciate your cognitive strengths of wisdom and accumulated knowledge, which grows with age.
  • Promote your cognitive health with experiential learning: Activities such as traveling, playing music, taking on new hobbies and participating in book clubs can help engage you mentally and physically.
  • Enjoy where life takes you: Even as you age, you are on a path to discover where life will take you. Enjoy the journey.

“Our life is about contributing to the well-being of ourselves and others,” says Dr. Zacharias. “With an emphasis on the future, the possibilities are endless. Make your journey count and thrive in the experience.”

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