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Dr. Daniel O'Hair: 'Get the Care That You Need'

Dr. Daniel O'Hair: 'Get the Care That You Need'

At the end of April, because of the community's compliance with public health and safety recommendations, Boulder Community Health reopened many of the services we offer.

As elective surgeries resumed, safety remained our top priority in all patient care locations.

During a recent BCH Virtual Town Hall, Dr. Daniel O’Hair - Director of Cardiovascular Surgery at Boulder Heart - talked about how it is safe to come to Foothills Hospital for routine or emergency care.

“While we were shut down for a little while, I walked the halls and watched what was going on and it became clear to me, this is a very safe place to be,” Dr. O’Hair said. “The few (COVID) patients we had were being cared for by people with very specific healthcare knowledge, with the ability to protect not only themselves, but their patients and the other patients in the hospital.”

Prior to surgery, all patients are now tested for COVID-19. Since the end of April, the BCH team has performed over 1,800 pre-procedure COVID-19 tests, with only one positive result.

“The risk of staying home with serious conditions like heart disease, aneurism, coronary heart disease or bad heart valve disease is greater than becoming infected in a place with so many safeguards and so little COVID disease," says Dr. O'Hair.

BCH Is Fully Open

As Dr. O’Hair continues to see patients – in the hospital, in clinic, through the Emergency Department and on video visits, he wants the community to know that "BCH is fully open; Boulder Heart is fully open. Our access is as good or better than it’s ever been."

"For those who are at home and wondering what to do, this is the moment to seize and get the care that you need," says Dr. O'Hair. "I feel very comfortable bringing my patients in the hospital for their care, bringing my family here."

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Watch Dr. O’Hair speak at a recent Virtual Town Hall.