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BCH Midwife Paige Swales is Amazing: New Mom

BCH Midwife Paige Swales is Amazing: New Mom

“I have friends who have had many babies, and while certainly many were happy and healthy, none of their stories included a provider who made them feel loved. Paige truly has a gift.” – Polly (mom of Ellie), Estes Park, Colorado

A mom who recently welcomed a baby daughter at Foothills Hospital in Boulder wrote a beautiful tribute to BCH midwife Paige Swales for the incredible care she received during pregnancy and birth. We got goosebumps reading it, and hope you will too.

I'm an elementary teacher up in Estes Park, and I guess it’s the teacher in me that feels like exceptional work should be acknowledged and rewarded. I want to write to you about Paige Swales, how incredible she is, and how lucky Foothills Community Midwives (and all her patients) are to have her!

Now, as some background info: I really dislike doctor’s offices, hospitals, etc. I get anxious just thinking about going to the doctor. So it was really important to me to have someone through my pregnancy that I could trust and felt comfortable with.

At my first appointment, Paige instantly made me feel reassured that my baby and myself would be taken care of. Paige listened to every concern I had during my pregnancy. She never failed to make me feel not only safe, but also feel like I/we were a priority for her. Visiting her was never a clinical or cold experience like many doctor’s offices. She always has a smile and a hug, and makes you genuinely feel she is there to take care of you.

I never questioned that something she recommended or wanted tested wasn't the very best decision for my baby. She helped me balance tough decisions and financial concerns, and always reminded me to take a deep breath and tell me that I was doing a great job. (I even still have a voicemail from her saved for those really tough days when I just need to hear it!) I actually would look forward to coming to the doctor when I knew that I was going to see Paige.

When I developed gestational hypertension, she helped me make the tough decision to be induced, and, although I was worried and scared, knowing that Paige would be delivering my baby made all the difference in the world. Not much about my delivery went the way I had wanted or hoped, but, again, having Paige there made all the difference in my mental and emotional state. I feel beyond blessed that she was the first person in the world to hold my baby girl, Ellie.

paige holding newborn babyOne of the most beautiful and vivid memories of the delivery was having my baby girl on my chest and Paige guiding my hand to feel the umbilical cord still attached. It was so personal and so special and I'm so very thankful to her for taking such amazing care of us. I have many friends who have had many babies, and while certainly many were happy and healthy, none of their stories included a provider who made them feel loved. Paige truly has a gift.

One might think that once the baby is out, the relationship would be over. But that has been far from true for us! Paige continued to check up on us, even going so far as to giving me her personal number to call or text, sometimes responding on her own personal time when she was with her own family and away from the office. She helped me through emotional struggles and went above and beyond to help me through pain and struggles of breastfeeding and pumping pain. She has many new moms and babies to take care of, but she continues to check in and offer support and encouragement.

I don't know if we will end up having another baby, but I know there's no one else in the world I would want to see if we do. In the meantime, Aunty Paige is in a place of honor in Ellie's baby book, and I will always treasure the special relationship we have.

My best friend also went through a pregnancy and delivery with Paige, and we both continue to sing her praises to everyone we talk to about our experiences. While I have told her many times how amazing she is, and how thankful I am to her, I wanted to make sure she is recognized by your organization as well. You, and all of your patients, are so incredibly lucky to have her!

Kind Regards,
~Polly (mother of Elizabeth "Ellie")

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