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Thank You, Environmental Services Team!

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The spiritual care team recognized the environmental services team this week for the important work they do to clean Foothills Hospital and ensure patient safety.

“We want to whole-heartedly thank you from the entire organization,” said Sharna Ill, BCH spiritual care and palliative care manager to a group of environmental services (EVS) team members over slices of pizza. “You care so deeply about the patients and that doesn't go unnoticed.”

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“I am often struck by how many times patients and their families will reference and remember you by name, “ BCH chaplain Courtney Gambrell told the group, “You are a face of comfort for our patients.”

Sharna and Courtney brought the EVS team dinner, Walmart gift cards donated by the BCH Foundation, and hand-written thank you notes filled out by caregivers and staff all across the hospital -- highlighting the role EVS workers play in infection prevention and patient care.

employee posing“Thank you, EVS, for being the tip of the spear in healthcare,” read one card. “Patients must have a clean environment in order to heal. Thank you for keeping our patients safe every day.”

BCH EVS aide Susan Kozik said she’s motivated by family members visiting their loved ones in the hospital. “Sometimes patients are too sick to notice the rooms but the families always do,” she said. “I clean patient rooms as if someone in my own family were here, so they feel it’s clean and safe.”

EVS aide Lute Ridge said she appreciated the recognition from the hospital. “We work so hard,” she said, “so it's nice to know that they care about us.”

employee posingClaudia Kuhn, manager of EVS housekeeping at BCH said that her staff play a supporting role to patient care and support staff can sometimes feel invisible.

“They see the nurses and doctors doing patient care and at BCH the focus really is on the patient,” Kuhn said, “But it’s important our team understand and feel that they are a vital part of what we do here.”

Director John Litchfield agreed.

“This group is very dedicated to doing the right thing on a daily basis, ensuring our patients, employees and visitors are safe,” he said. “It's an honor to manage this team of professionals.”

employee posingThank You environmental services team members, from everyone at BCH, for everything you do to make BCH the best place to get better. With your support we are partnering to create and care for the healthiest community in the nation.

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