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Virtual Postpartum Nutrition/Supplementation

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This virtual class is open to all!

Good nutrition should continue into the 4th trimester after you have given birth. Sometimes eating well can be the first thing sacrificed when a new baby arrives. This is unfortunate because proper nutrition and nutrient-dense foods are a preventive and health-boosting measure against emotional distress and exhaustion. It is also crucial in proper healing of the body and offering optimal nutrition to your little one!

Too often new mamas come home from the hospital with little support and no real focus on nutrition and how to properly replenish their nutrient stores. In this 90-minute session, holistic nutrition consultant Katie Braswell will discuss the importance of postpartum nutrition and supplementation, including how to meal prep for postpartum success, supplementation recommendations, nutritional needs, and more!

Take alone or in succession with the Prenatal nutrition/supplementation class 

About Wild and Well and Kate Braswell

Katie Braswell, of Wild + Well, is a Holistic Nutritionist based in Boulder. She is passionate about working alongside women throughout their journey through childbirth, especially after her experiences with the birth of her son. Katie’s specific areas of interest are preconception health, fertility, prenatal nutrition and supplementation, gestational diabetes, breastfeeding and postpartum nutrition/care (focusing on nurturing mama and baby). She believes in meeting her clients where they are in their health journey to regain balance and vibrant health!