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Oncology Nutrition Workshops -- Online Virtual Meetings

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To support your health and well-being we are offering bi-weekly nutrition webinars including live cooking demonstrations with nutritionist Conner Middelmann.

The presentations are offered via video conference (Zoom). You can use a computer, laptop or smartphone to log in. The cost per class is $10; scholarships are available (contact Conner). All webinars run from 4.30 to 6 p.m. Mountain Time.

Please use the green registration button to sign up. Once registered, you will be sent the Zoom link & password.

  • June 28: Healing Herbs & Spices. What do garlic, ginger, pepper, turmeric, thyme and oregano (and dozens of other aromatics) have in common? They can help create an environment in your body that makes it harder for cancer cells to thrive. More tasty, cancer-fighting recipes coming your way!
  • July 19: Inflammation: The Fire That Feeds Cancer. Inflammation in the body is increasingly understood to be a driver of cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression and other chronic health problems. At this webinar you will find out how diet and lifestyle can fuel – or cool – inflammation and learn some simple, tasty anti-inflammatory recipes.
  • July 26: Protein Power: Protein is essential for virtually every one of your body’s functions, including healthy muscle mass, bone strength and optimal brain function. People undergoing cancer treatment need adequate protein intake to help them maintain muscle, prevent weight loss and support healthy immune function. Join this webinar to learn how to calculate your protein requirement and integrate high-quality protein into your diet.
  • August 9: Carbs, Keto & Cancer – It’s Complicated. Sugar & refined carbohydrates can contribute to creating a biological environment in which cancer cells thrive. Does that mean you should cut avoid them and eat a keto diet? At this workshop Conner hopes to clarify some of the confusion around carbs and will prepare a few simple, tasty dishes to show you how to eat nutritious carbs.
  • August 23: Tackling Belly Fat. Carrying excess body fat around the middle is linked to several types of cancer. Find out what factors drive belly fat storage and how these can be managed (without starving yourself). Food plays an important role in this process, and after her presentation, Conner will show you some delicious dishes designed to help your body burn excess belly fat.

Each workshop comprises a roughly ½-hour presentation followed by a 1-hour cooking demonstration. Everyone who registers will be sent a recording of the session, Conner’s PowerPoint slides and her recipes – even if you weren’t able to attend in person.

Facilitator: Conner Middelmann, nutritionist and 22-year cancer survivor, is a passionate advocate of eating whole foods that aren't just healthy, but delicious, too. With her joyful and practical approach to nutrition – anchored in the Mediterranean diet – she will show you simple, tasty and affordable ways to boost your nutritional health.

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