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Journal Articles

When Patients and Their Families Feel Like Hostages to Health Care by Leonard L. Berry, PhD, MBA; Tracey S. Danaher, PhD; Dan Beckham, MBA; Rana L.A. Awdish, MD; and Kedar S. Mate, MD, in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, September 2017; 92(9):1373-1381.

E.M.P.A.T.H.Y.: A Tool to Enhance Nonverbal Communication Between Clinicians and Their Patients by Helen Riess, MD, and Gordon Kraft-Todd in Academic Medicine, Vol. 89, No. 8 / August 2014.

The Science of Empathy by Helen Riess, MD in Journal of Patient Experience 2017, Vol. 4(2) 74-77.

Clinicians’ Strategies for Managing Their Emotions During Difficult Healthcare Conversations by Donna Luffa, Elliott B. Martin Jr., Kelsey Millsa, Natalia M. Mazzolaa, Sigall K. Bella, Elaine C. Meyera in Patient Education and Counseling. September 2016. Volume 99, Issue 9.

The Importance of Physician Listening From the Patients’ Perspective: Enhancing Diagnosis, Healing, and the Doctor–Patient Relationship by Justin Jagosh, Joseph Donald Boudreau, Yvonne Steinert, Mary Ellen MacDonald, Lois Ingram in Patient Education and Counseling 85 (2011) 369–374.

Breathe Out: a randomized controlled trial of a structured intervention to improve clinician satisfaction with "difficult" visits by JY Edgoose, CJ Regner and LI Zakletskaia in J Am Board Fam Med. 2015 Jan-Feb;28(1):13-20.

For Nurses

Teaching Empathy and Other Compassion-Based Communication Skills by Kevin J. Kelley, PhD in Journal for Nurses in Professional Development & Volume 29, Number 6, 2013.

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