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New Patient Story

  • Author: Jonathan Ward.
  • Date Submitted: Apr 21, 2022
Thank you and please continue to communicate the value of `what has become the unusual community focused hospital rather than the profit dominate corporate hospital chain. As an experienced health care provider, I support this and encourage the Hospital Board to explore improvement in point of contact between provider and patient. If whole patient care is deemed important (controversial) over AI and purely educated, supported, high tech care.....then future policies that effectively support providers from burnout and moral injury (particularly RN's) will explore ways to increase direct patient care, increase provider autonomy, increase safety, reduce errors, provide sense of accomplishment and pride, reduce exclusive care and use their skills acquired by education and support (Hoover donation). Balancing mechanical activities (computer based with direct and whole patient care is the sweet spot which is threatened by the strictly for-profit medical industry. Congratulations, BCH!