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New Patient Story

  • Author: sara hornbacher.
  • Date Submitted: Nov 24, 2021
I was an ICU RN for 6 years. I quit this month because of deplorable management and an administration that apparently gave traveler RN's a 5$/ raise, travel RN's make upwards of $100/hour. I wanted to move to another dept. within the hospital and was told by HR that I would receive a pay CUT to do that . When I asked my manager about this she said " oh, we need to talk about this off line ", I turned in my notice that day . The new director of our ICU accepted my resignation immediately and paid me for the 4 shifts I had yet to complete. They didn't want me to talk about this . I also requested an exit interview. BCH does not provide exit interviews. They don't want to know why their staff is leaving. I can name 9 RN s who left this hospital because of the treatment from management and admin. The administration is EXTREMELY detached, not supportive of its RN's. That's why nurses leave. The ICU manager and director support bullying amongst its RN's , I have experienced this . BCH operates on a very old school, antiquated methods. They are very much " above " it's rank and file , daily hard working staff. I ve seen the DON 3 times in the 6 years I've worked there. The CEO occasionally would glad hand the dr's on the unit . I've worked at hospitals where the senior administration served its staff lunch monthly, and REGULARLY rounded on its units. Recently BCH has forced its senior staff to round on units. The DON in her rounding was asking staff " what are you going to do for Halloween?" Unbelievably unaware. The CFO must not know or care that paying traveler RN's 110$/hour plus stipends, is more expensive than doubling its loyal, long term RN's hourly pay! We did get 2% raises but with the cost of living up 6%... you do the math. If your an RN picking up an aide shift , due to short staffing, and it's over your 36 hrs a week you Do NOT get time and a half , it's straight pay time. WHAT?! There are many RN's who feel as I do. We talk to each other, we're critical thinkers, we've been overused and underpaid and not appreciated by this hospital although they love to tout that they care for their staff. They don't. I have 6 years of examples and experiences in the ICU to back this up. There are many great practitioner's and staff at this hospital. These are well meaning people but not out of the box thinkers, which is what's needed now in this industry. My new job is a breath of fresh air , they actually appreciate me ! I made the right decision.