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New Patient Story

  • Author: paul pekar.
  • Date Submitted: Oct 18, 2021
worst care of my life . ambulance ride because heart pain ,can't walk, can't sit , in bed 4 days, peeing in cup, can't dedicate . they gave me a shot of dilantion because IV was installed wrong in ambulance. then discharged me. I said but i can't sit or walk how can i leave? the aid was unable to find a cane and said go by and good luck and left, I slithered along the wall in the ER until a patient helped me to the waiting room and helped prop me up. After 5 minutes or so I fell. The closes person was an aid for the hospital who turned his back on me! A other patient tried to help me up but couldn't so I dragged myself towards the out door when I was yelled at by one of your staff for being an the ground. Told her if she can't help then fu off. she called security who listened to me and helped me call for a ride. Then another administrator came out would not give me her name and told me to just crawl off into the bushes like the rest of me kind. Go watch your cameras for Friday OCT 16th 2021 10am to 1pm and figure out your best spin because I am seeking legal counsel