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Jason W.

  • Author: Jason W.
  • Date Submitted: Jun 27, 2018
My son was seen in the emergancy room on June 25th. We went in cause he had sever pain in his mouth that was traveling to his neck and head. He explained to the Dr that his tooth was in extrem pain. My son was shaking and crying from the pain. They gave him something by mouth for the pain and the anxiety which was going to take 45 mn to an hour to take effect. At this poin the Dr still had not looked at his mouth which is where the pain was starting. I was told that due to the narcartic use they would not give him anything stronger, as I sat there I heard they say they think he is using drugs they never took blood to determine this nor did they address what he was saying. After about 2 hours he was starting to calm down and the medication was taking effect. The Dr came up with a diagnois that had nothing to do with why we were there. We ended up in a different ER the following night to find out his tooth was very infected and he need and oral surgeon. Today we had the tooth removed and the Dr asked why they did not call her from the ER since she is the on call dentist for Boulder Comm. and she would have been able to see him yesterday which would have saved my son from being in sever pain for another day. I am very dissatisfied with the care we recieved at Boulder Comm ER They looked at this 25 yr old and assumed the worse instead of listening to him.