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G K.

  • Author: G K.
  • Date Submitted: Jul 19, 2018

I took my fiancé to the BCH Emergency Care in Lafayette on the evening of Thursday, July 19. She had some serious concerns about her IUD causing pain and bleeding.

The receptionist was nice and took us to a back room. The nurse, Lynn, came in the room and was outright rude from the beginning. My fiancé explained that she had pain from her IUD and had pink bloody discharge that made us come into the ER. She immediately told us that this is just caused by rough sex and that we shouldn’t have even come to the ER; we should have waited and seen the family doctor. When we expressed our concerns about that statement because of what we had read online and from what little information she had about the situation, she was very dismissive and walked out. While I understand that we’re not medical experts, we know our situation and we know it was not caused by ‘rough sex’.

The doctor came in with a blanket, awkwardly covered my fiancé with it, told us the nurse would be back in and he left.

After 45 minutes of waiting without anyone coming to talk to us, I went and asked a tech in the back if he knew when the doctor would be back to perform the procedure. He told me the doctor was in another procedure right now and we were next, which I thought was a completely acceptable response.

Lynn overheard from the procedure room and came barging into our room to say “The doctor has already seen you!” in the rudest manner. We were both shocked by this and didn’t respond, and the nurse Lynn followed up by asking “RIGHT!? He already came in and talked to you. You won’t even be ready for procedure for another 45 minutes and then we have to switch beds and move rooms so it’s going to be a while” and shut the door before we could respond.

We we decided to leave and go to another ER. On our way out, Lynn walked out of the procedure room AGAIN to chase us down and asked “So you guys are just leaving?” And I responded by asking her name, which she wouldn’t give me.

We’re not difficult people and we’re both very polite. There was no reason for her to talk to us that way. The doctor seemed like he was high. The receptionist and the tech were both nice and polite.